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Frequently asked questions and answers

  • Can anyone become an online pharmacy affiliate in your program?

    Although previous online affiliation experience is recommended, it’s not a prerequisite. We do however seek affiliates who have basic fluency in online marketing. For those admitted affiliates who are still gaining experience and in need of some guidance, we offer 24/7 support. Use it!

  • How do I join your BeOur affiliate program?

    Simply sign up or if you wish, read about our offered pharmacy affiliate program first. Once your application is submitted, one of BeOurAffiliate’ Affiliate Account Managers will contact you to complete your registration and assess your online marketing fluency. As soon as you are approved, you will be free to start promoting and earn commissions for the approved traffic you bring our way!

  • Do I need to have a website/blog of my own to join

    You don’t necessarily have to own a website or a blog in order to be approved as an affiliate. Once approved, you may if you wish, use our downloadable templates as your promoting venue. However, promoting is easier and more effective when affiliates have their own websites and blogs.

  • Do you welcome international affiliates and webmasters to the program?

    Of course! A large number of our current affiliate members are internationals from different countries. We welcome everyone to our BeOur Affiliate program as long as they fit BeOur Affiliate’ business parameters.

  • What products does offer?

    We offer genuine in-demand brand-name and generic health products of the highest quality. Our entire inventory is 100% authentic and purchased directly from manufacturers.

  • Which currency options are available in your online pharmacy sites?

    Our sites offer a multi-currency feature whereby users who visit the site automatically see their country’s respective currency. This is a major shopping experience enhancer.

  • What payment options are available to customers?

    We accept all major credit cards as well as ACH payments.

  • What is your BeOur site’s refund policy?

    We offer customers a worry-free 30-day money back policy, no questions asked. Important: customer refunds or chargebacks DO NOT affect affiliate commissions, so you have nothing to worry about!

  • What promotional offers are available to customers?

    Although you are unable to modify products’ prices, you can offer your customers discount coupons as an incentive to placing an order. Once approved as an affiliate, you will have free access to your coupon code in our back-office system.

  • When does BeOurAffiliate disburse payments?

    Our BeOur affiliates receive their commissions on a weekly basis, two days following the end of the active period (active period: Monday to Sunday). Affiliates receive the actual payments following a 2-day hold period for billing purposes (i.e. on Tuesday). If you get paid twice a week your payouts will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays, respectively.

  • Any tips on how to maximize my commissions in your BeOur affiliate program?

    The more traffic you send to our health product sites, the more orders you will create. Hence, the more commissions you will earn. Just remember that affiliates only receive commissions for approved orders. Another way to score extra cash is by bringing in new affiliates; if you refer new members to our BeOur affiliate program you will receive 2nd-tier commission percentage from the commission amount of your referred member (separate payouts). Please talk to your Affiliate Account Manager for more details.

  • I need help. What support do you offer to your affiliates?

    We proudly offer 24/7 one-on-one support. We are here for you for any question or concern you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time.

  • What marketing tools do you provide to your BeOur affiliates? offers an arsenal of ultra-converting marketing tools, all free of charge. We have beautifully designed templates you may download, full product catalogs, powerful ad banners and coupon codes, among others. All of these are available to affiliates via the back-end system. Does your BeOur affiliate program offer 2nd-tier commissions? Are there any holdups for customer refunds or chargebacks? Does BeOurAffiliate permit mass mailing? Do you accept traffic from PPC campaigns? Do you accept SEO traffic? Do you offer dedicated sites/white labels? What is your payout routine?

  • Does your BeOur affiliate program offer 2nd-tier commissions?

    Of course! We offer 2nd-tier commissions to affiliates who bring in new members who produce approved sales. Check with your Affiliate Manager for the full details.

  • Are there any holdups for customer refunds or chargebacks?

    Absolutely not! Your commissions are unaffected by customer refunds or chargebacks! However, affiliate accounts which show repeated instances of refunds and/or chargebacks will be subject to suspension. Check out the page detailing our BeOur affiliate benefits for more info.

  • Does BeOurAffiliate permit mass mailing?

    We do allow our affiliates to use targeted BeOur clients and opt-in mailing lists, but we do not tolerate unsolicited spam bulk mailing. Should we suspect an affiliate is sending spam mails, we reserve the right to seize their commissions and terminate their partnership with immediately and indefinitely. If you are an affiliate using email marketing, please speak to your Affiliate Manager for more information.

  • Do you accept traffic from PPC campaigns?

    Yes, PPC traffic is an effective marketing method we accept and encourage our pharmacy affiliates to pursue. In fact, we have gained a significant experience in this form of marketing over the years which can help our partnered affiliates.

  • Do you accept SEO traffic?

    Yes, we accept all forms of SEO-generated traffic. If you’re fluent in the Search Engine Optimization marketing world you have a good chance of making great profits as an online pharmacy affiliate.

  • Do you offer dedicated sites/white labels? offers exquisitely designed and highly converting dedicated sites to high-performing affiliates upon request. We take care of the site’s hosting while the assigned affiliate may use his or our domain for the site. If you wish, you may build a website of your own to promote BeOurAffiliate’ health products.

  • What is your payout routine?

    As opposed to other BeOur affiliate programs, BeOuraffiliate provides payouts on a weekly basis, even twice a week in some cases. This is true assuming you have reached the initial required sales amount (speak to your pharmacy affiliate program manager to learn more).